My First Year As Your Wife (Part-3)

Happy New Year!

Good days come and good days go,
Here we are going with the flow.

Monsoon, summer, winter or spring,
The morning chirps our balcony birds will forever ring.

A hot cup of bed tea or a stroll by the sea,
With memories of air so light and such a starry night, I shall forever be.

This new year I will do all that I’ve never done before,
A vow to remain calm and take that forever postponed run at four.

Tell me how I have been so far, I ask you this day that’s almost gone,
Will you continue bearing with me as you’ve patiently borne?

I feared and ran away from being a good daughter-in-law, a wife,
But today I know how hard it is for you to hold your head high in strife.

As I wind up this year and wait to unfold another beautiful chapter of my journal called life,
I shall give you the key to my secret door and wipe out the darkness so rife.

New beginnings and end of turmoil,
For unbound success, happiness and love we shall toil.

May this year bring eternal joy,
May we relive days of young love and my flirtatious coy.


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