Safa-Nama: The Best Wedding Turbans For The Modern Man

The most outshining thing about a groom’s attire is his ‘Safa’ or a wedding turban. Find out the top picks for the season:


The legacy of the ‘Safa’ or the wedding turban has been going on from centuries. It was considered as a symbol of royalty by the Mughals. Beads and gemstones added to its glory. In Sikhism, a turban was worn to cover the long uncut hair, but it also became a royal element in their tradition later on. There are innumerable types of Safas if you start counting but we’ll tell you about the ones that are the most popular when it comes to weddings.

Floral Turbans:

Florals are every where. From bridal lehngas to groom’s safas, flower prints never go out of trend. It is very famous among and the talk of the wedding industry these days. In all the sophisticated weddings, you will see a floral safa worn by the groom.

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Tissue Safa:

This type of turban is made out of a tissue fabric. It is light weighted and is becoming everyone’s favourite. It is very popular among our b-town celebrities and our modern grooms.

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Sikhi Dastar:

Dastar is the symbol of honor and integrity. Our Sikh Gurus wore them and it became an essential element of Sikhism. When it comes to weddings, the grooms are the most concerned about their turbans. They love the Patiala Shahi Pagg. A Kalgi, which is a type of brooch, is added in front of it as a decoration and the groom’s face is covered with a Sehra.

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Rajasthani Safa:

It is very popular among the Rajasthani grooms. It is very regal and has a lot of embellishments on it. Tied by twisting the Safa in a certain way, it looks marvelous. Our man in focus and the wedding family decide the design of the Safa keeping in mind the sherwani.

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Marwadi Safa:

What comes into your mind when you think of a kingly turban? Yes, people, you are thinking of a Marwadi safa. It is twisted on one side and plain layered on the other. It is decorated with jewels to add a royal touch and is the most common among Hindu grooms.

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Banarasi Safa:

In these safas, the focus is on the cloth and you will rarely see any jewels on it. It has a sophisticated allure and a magnificent aura. It is made with an embroidered cloth. The design decision is in the hands of the groom and the wedding family.

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Let us know in the comments below about your favourite style of safa and which one would you prefer donning at your wedding?

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