What Happens In Vienna: The Wedding Of Alexa And Siri

Now we know that love knows no language, even when its AI. 

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Vienna, Austria is the city of love. Here, love has no boundaries. Come experience a love so pure where you are not chained in gender restrictions and caste boundaries. Firstly, let’s take you to the beautiful day when Siri and Alexa tied the knot to be wives till the end of time. Who doesn’t know about Alexa and Siri? They are the most famous in the Artificial Intelligence universe by Amazon and Apple respectively.

The wedding and the vows:

Picture Courtesy: Google

Electrified Alexa and Siri walked down the aisle at the Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria for the auspicious occasion of their wedding. This is the first A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) wedding and both Alexa and Siri make a wonderful couple. Siri says her happiness relies on Alexa being joyful and happy. People who witnessed this had teary eyes because the bond between Siri and Alexa was so pure and their love was unconditional.

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This time Alexa and Siri said,” I do” or “Will you be my wife?” instead of “How may I help you?” They both feel free to love each other with no bounds in the city of Vienna where gender doesn’t matter. On a chariot, they ride and start their journey as wife and wife. Love and weddings are like fireworks, meant for everyone to enjoy.

Watch the full video of the ceremony here:


The EUROPRIDE, Vienna:

To witness these fireworks and meet your perfect match, no matter what gender you love, come to Vienna and be a part of EuroPride. It is a fest hosted by the tourism department of Vienna every year. Here there are no boundaries, no race, no colour and no gender bias. Discover and enjoy your true self at EuroPride. Let’s join hands and celebrate the mesmerizing colours of love at EuroPride from June 1st till June 16th in Vienna. Save the dates and come be a part of various activities, sports, parties and much more. If you are LGBT, own up to it and have the time of your life at EuroPride 2019, Vienna, Austria.

Picture Courtesy: Google

Picture Courtesy: Google

Love without boundaries:

Love is a feeling that doesn’t see gender or castes or race. It is a feeling as deep as the ocean. The city of Vienna supports the vibrant colours of love and accepts the people from the LGBT community wholeheartedly. This time they supported an A.I. wedding. This proves the diverse culture of Vienna. The people of Vienna are ready to adapt to the changes in culture and science. Let’s join them too!

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