Vintage Gifting : A World Of Options For You!

Exquisite vintage gifting options for the newlyweds and your loved ones.

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We often get stuck when planning gifts for a couple that’s getting married. There are hundreds of options to pick from, a dozen that even the recipients would like, but we fail to pick quickly because the ‘latest’ changes like seasons.

If you plan a watch set, it’s got to be the latest model combo from a high-end brand, otherwise why bother! If it’s an expensive Saree, it should be relevant for the current-day bride’s taste. And if it’s a mobile handset, it better be the latest model too!

So many sensible gift options go down the drain and never become our first choice because we are looking for the newest possible style that would become a statement! But what if it we told you there’s another way of cracking what can become a style statement?

Well, simple. Go vintage. Yes, you can’t judge what’s going to become a fashionable rage in the coming times, but you can sure get something that ruled the shelves in its time — a classic. Vintage is a broad term used to label the objects that have been Superhits back in their day.

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These are safer and less expensive options to give someone. Since these do not occupy a very prominent corner in someone’s home, they can be tucked away safely in some cupboard, to be pulled out only when needed. Ever thought of an English street-inspired Wall Clock? Or a Travelers’ Diary to keep a track of the many places they’ll travel together as a couple? If they’re inclined towards Literature, how about a flamboyant set of a Diary and an immaculate Fountain Pen? Well, now you’re thinking…

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Think Acrylic, Norwegian China, Pottery, Porcelain or Silver — These materials could fuse together (or form by themselves) a beautiful set of serveware. You could buy a Tea Set, a set of Drinking Glasses, Cutlery Set, a Collectors Plate, Salad Bowls — these were typically present in an affluent English household back in the day.

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If you’re willing to go grand with Vintage as a gifting concept, get them something that will be visible to them and their guests all through the day — a piece of furniture. Teakwood, Marble, Leather and Brass could become some beautiful objects. Think of a plush-leather Wing Chair (the arm-chairs with a high back), a Display Cabinet, a Tavern-style Bar Cabinet etc. These pieces were widely used in those times, and feel relevant for the kind of lifestyle we have today. In fact, if you’re a close relative and can afford, get them a bed or a dining table replete with chairs. You could get the design details done in carved wood or brass (or silver if you’re nothing like us!) and stun them with your choice. (But first, we advise that you check if they already have one, nobody likes a 7×7 square feet gift just ‘lying around’!)

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If you notice closely, they have all been subtly present in our homes (or of those around us) without being too loud or showy. Also, you are very likely to stumble upon some botanical illustrations on items you choose to buy. Because that was a time when art was beginning to pierce through stage walls and enter homes. Sounds too elaborate? Sure. After all, you have to impress the couple with how your choice drips of Classic elements.


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