Exactly What Shoes To Carry And What Not With Leggings

Always wondering what to flaunt and what not with your leggings? We have got you covered. 

Leggings are saviours, leggings are pants that will allow you to accentuate your toned legs. What started off as casual wear has now become a rage. With the progression in fashion, styling leggings have become easier. But did you ever get stuck on what footwear to style with it? While just about anything looks great with jeans, but leggings are a bit tricky.

Let’s get into the science of styling what shoes to carry and what not with leggings.

What to carry:

Leggings with Heels:

This might sound a little dicey to many of you but printed leggings, floral prints, stretchable leather, solid coloured jeggings are all interesting options to wear your heels with. Avoid going too loud, let one item pop out of your top or legging and let your heels underplay it with a bang.

Picture Courtesy: Google

Picture Courtesy: Google

Leggings with Ankle-Boots:

Styling ankle-length boots with leggings is a platonic combination. Make sure that your leggings are full length else they will make your calves look bulky when paired with ankle boots. To be safe choose a neutral or plain coloured boot to pair with your leggings.

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Leggings with Knee-Length or Combat Boots:

If knee-length or combat boots are your go-to-anyway, bring them on with your leggings to change the entire vibe of your outfit. All of us must be those strugglers making boot fit over jeans. Henceforth, leggings, the fleece kinds are what we need to pair with our knee-length boots.

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Picture Courtesy: Google

Leggings with Sneakers:

Sneakers are by far the most comfortable footwear and we all just live in them more. The same goes for the leggings too. Now, we bring in this combo of pairing your leggings with quirky sneakers, life will be comfortably best.

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Leggings with Flats or Kolhapuris:

Kurti and leggings look best when paired with kolhapuri chappals or flats. Not only this choice of footwear will add the zing to your overall outfit, but will also give your feet the comfort they deserve.

Picture Courtesy: Google

Picture Courtesy: Google

Leggings with Loafers:

When it comes to timeless flat footwear styles, loafers are still going strong. Loafers and leggings just go along perfectly.

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Leggings with Sandals:

Though heels look pretty stylish with legging you can also go for sandals with small block heels that ways your style quotient can be retained. You can also opt to wear gladiator sandals and tie then over your leggings, and top it up with a cool boho top and look like a diva.

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What not to carry:

Leggings with Lace-up Stilettos:

Leggings are considerably formfitting clothing, and towering heels and platforms are best suited for something that is a little less formfitting.

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Leggings with Flipflops:

Flipflops appear to be a bit too casual and if you happen to pair it up with your leggings for a formal event, it will make your leggings look a bit too out of the place.

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Leggings with Wedge Sneakers:

The trend of these shoes has come and gone, so it’s good to play safe.

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Avoid crashing your leggings looks just because of some viscous mismatch footwear

These are just little visual guidelines on how to style your footwear closet with your favourite leggings.  Step on the new trends and style like a boss lady.

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