The Pride Month: Love Is A Human Experience, Not Political

Love sees no bounds. No matter what your gender is, love is too beautiful to be hidden in a closet.

Do you know Homosexuality is found in more than 450 species and Homophobia is present just in one? You guessed it right, it’s the humans. The month of June is the LGBTQ pride month supporting their rights; the rights to love, the rights to marry and the rights to have intimacy. These things are very common for the straight couple. See how society has made them complicated for the people of this community. Let’s celebrate some incidents that raised the flag of LGBTQ pride higher.

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The love story of Parag and Vaibhav:

To let you guys know, it’s not just a love story now but has become a marriage story. They are the ideal couple goals and were together for 6 years before tying the knot. Vaibhav Jain was an Indian Dentist whereas Parag Mehta grew up in Texas, USA.

Due to the presence section 377, the former had to move to the US so that he could love freely and stop having fake girlfriends. The latter on the other hand grew up abroad hence was open about his sexuality to his parents.

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When the section 377 was abolished, Vaibhav felt happy. He felt he could finally be with Parag openly in his mother country as well. They decided to try the knot in Texas with all the traditional Indian ceremonies. They are now happily married breaking all stereotypes. Our blessings are with them

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The wedding of Alexa and Siri:

We’re not sure if you have read our previous blog where we talked about Alexa and Siri’s wedding: Two popular artificial intelligence software and device. As both of them are female, it supported lesbian marriage even though it was a technical one.

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It showed how Vienna supports the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, it portrayed how Vienna supports love wholeheartedly with no gender restrictions and no bounds.

It also welcomed everyone to their Europride fest which is all about empowering the LGBTQ community. The Vienna government welcomed all the people to come here and own up to their sexuality with pride.

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Husband and Husband Anu Hazra and Neeral Sheth:

This is that typical love story that everyone craves. Both were the residents of Chicago. They met each other and instantly fell in love with each other.

Due to the legalization of gay marriage, they finally tied the knot to be husband and husband forever. How beautiful is this: Everyone achieving the best in life, being loved and getting married according to their will.

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They had that traditional big fat Indian wedding. All those rituals, the long chain of relatives and tacky sherwanis were a part of this wedding.

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The world is adapting to change. The society is accepting the LGBTQ community and their marriage. I think everyone should start to realize the importance of freedom and give the people of this community all the rights that the straight people do.

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