How To Make Organic Colours At Home And Ditch Those Harmful Chemicals In A Go!

Learn how to make organic colours at your doorstep and save yourself from all the harshness of chemicals this Holi.

With the festival of colours having finally arrived today, what’s better than playing with organic colours. Without the presence of harsh chemicals on our skin, and what better if you could make them on your own! Follow these simple steps to make your own colours at home!

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Red Color Homemade Recipe:

The colour which redefines love and prosperity can be made by, drying the petals of Red Rose in sun and after they become crisp, they can be powdered in a mixer and a little flour can be added to increase the volume.

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Another method could be to use Red Hibiscus flowers, which can be dried in shade and blended to a powder consistency.

Saffron Color Homemade Recipe:

The colour of peace can be made by using, the Tesu Flower or the Flame of Forest can be dried and powdered and mixed with flour for more volume. Henna can be mixed with water to yield orange coloured water, if you are using it for kids, make sure you get a good quality Henna powder.

Green Colour Homemade Recipe:

This nature’s colour can be made by, plucking fresh neem leaves and boiling them in water. Allow the mixture to cool, remove the superficial water and dilute as needed. Or you can mix equal quantity of good quality henna powder with flour to form a green colour. But make sure that you have pure henna powder with no additional ingredients included in it.

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Yellow Colour Homemade Recipe:

This colour signifies peace and happines and is the easiest of all the recipes, just mix 2 parts good quality turmeric powder with 4 parts of Besan flour.

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Blue Colour Homemade Recipe:

Blue symbolizes bravery and determination. The Hindu Gods Lord Rama and Krishna are blue coloured as they fought against evil.

The Neeli Gulmohar which blooms in summer has a bright coloured flower which can be dried and powdered.

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Purple Colour Homemade Recipe:

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Chop 1 to 2 kg of Beetroot and boil them in a cooker with water. Leave 5 to 6 whistles. After it cools, remove the water and dilute it as required. Please Note – Either use fresh colour or preserve it in the fridge if using later.

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So, this Holi opt for organic colours to have healthy and save the authenticity of the colourful festival.

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