The Other Side of Your One-Sided Love (Part-1)

A chivalrous man in army green and white,
You were the groom to my snowy bride

A humble guy who barely knew me went patrolling markets to get me my favourite fruits,
I was dumbstruck and kissed you built on false assumptions sowing new roots.

I yelled at you for making me so dependent upon you,
In all innocence, you simply said, ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to’.

Day in and day out, you impressed me with your cute little surprises,
I was both astonished and pleased to know of your vices.

I was unsure of you being the end result of my search for love,
I hardly knew if It were the goodies that I craved or your presence that I loved.

Time went by I began getting tired of this not so wanted bond,
It was neither love nor friendship what was this? A spell of sorts and wands?

I was neither in it nor out just washing along the boulders walking along the shore
Is this what the new generation called, ’going with the flow in search of more’?

I wanted to break free and tried doing the same, in four months- four times in a row,
You begged for an explanation and I gave you so, but you knew how to play the verbal song,
once again, I was swooped with the blow
………… To be continued……….

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