The Other Side Of Your One-Sided Love (Part-2)

‘My Battle Within’

I went back to being the happy bird,
No more sadness no more dwelling upon word for word.

I couldn’t resist the warmth of your presence, the beauty of your million efforts,
You seemed to be different a unique soul in a cold-hearted herd.

I didn’t understand why was it so hard to escape from you,
Until I gave up on the idea and decided to execute a plan anew.

While you smiled and loved me, I began feeling trapped,
Too much love and not a minute to think, bewildered as usual, I snapped.

What had you brought me to?
Akin to a withered flower I was losing the glaze of my eye, the bright blue,
I tried talking to you over again and wrapping me underneath your warm fur, you quietly flew.

It was maddening how ‘love could feel like obsession.’
I was truly tired of the long explanations and patch up sessions.

How? I wondered, could love go so wrong?
Was I finally weakening the independent eagle so strong?

Running away this time was not a solution anymore,
I was suffocated, drained and slowly infected to the core.

Just when I would come to a conclusion of this way or that,
Before I could utter a word, I had all that I desired,
At the same time, I was both glad and sad,
I wanted a way out, you were so caring, loving,
Yet I couldn’t love you there was something that made me feel constantly bad.

I loved being your centre of love, yet I couldn’t accept you,
One day,I decided to break out the news in lieu,
That, I couldn’t be perplexed any longer and it was about time you knew.

  1.                                             -To be continued

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