My Wedding Memoir- Click Wedding Asia

What A Wedding Means To Click Wedding Asia

I’m anxious, worried, and almost like a bomb of pent-up emotions, ready to burst at any minute;

I wish I could simply make my last-minute decisions and run back to them.

Today, It’s Diwali again, but what’s Diwali in New York in comparison to that in India.

It’s been a year since I last saw them – a bundle of joy- my friends.

My Tom Cruise is right beside me but somehow everything seems dark and hollow without them.

“If I dwell on old memories, there is comfort,

If I think of their eyes, there’s love

If I hear old words of the past there is comfort and safe harbour.”- Angela Abraham

If I look around, everything reminds me of my wedding and of my treasured jewels- my friends.

 “That rug, that stupid old filthy rug, had seen more dancing shoes than a ballroom.

 It was where we twirled, everyone with everyone, the music escaping from every open window and door.

Once the colour of cherries, now it told an earthy tale of love and laughter, of more good times than anyone is ever promised.

 I could have replaced it, brought in another, but instead – we washed it as best as we could.”

It’s beautiful how everything is lively today, The rug, the mirror, the phone, the T.v, and oh! That clip!


“Voh bachpan ki hasi, voh salon ka dular;

college ka pehla pyar aur didi ki takrar.

Doston ki yaad toh aaj bhi ati hai,

Shayad isiliye taufe mein unhone yaadein di.”

  • – A Bride-To-Be

Click Wedding Asia- Aao milkar yadein banayein…

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