My Arranged Love (Part-1)

I looked at you for the first time,
You stared back from the phone screen sublime.
I was the happiest to-be-bride known that day,
To be married in winter that year, merrily engaged this May.

Ever since that day, I was dreaming of my life with you,
A well decorated house, kids and a chauffeur all came in a queue.
“Your husband is really handsome,” they said.
I happily decked up in yellow, blue, golden and red.

Behold! she looks pretty for once in a blue,
I was both happy and sad not knowing what was true.
My friends had finally come from near and far,
The day of our sacred nuptial would now make me at par.

A weird dancer as I was, my steps were only at a gesture’s call.
I had now received the first of everything,
A handsome husband, my new job all adding to the bling,
My heart was pounding in rounds, intense anxiety and a mild tickling.

“This seems too good to be true”, I told myself.
“Too scared to enjoy?” I asked my evil elf.
“Come on, live up now, it’s your dream day!
It’s time to be proud, you’ve come halfway!”

An Indian girl’s first half is the decision maker they said,
I had diligently studied and a promising career I had ahead,
So should I be scared of what they call the sacred truth?
Will I be tasting the sour with a sweet tooth?

-To be continued.

Image Courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

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