A Beginner’s Guide On How To Throw A Holi Party After Your Wedding.

Wondering how to throw an amazing Holi party this year? Here’s how:

The most colourful festival is just about to knock our doors, and it’s time to plan a fun spirited Holi Party. Are you the one who loves partying but organizing one scares the hell out of you? Then you are sorted because we here are going to be your helping end giving you prescribed checklist and tips to ensure that you, your friends and family can have a great time.

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Is it your first after the wedding? Then it calls for even a great celebration. Holi parties usually happen to another cocktail party with all the drinks and dance. But you can make it a real fun by replacing it with a colourful party with a designed dress code like may be White, to add that element of insanely colouring each other from top to bottom. This will result in gorgeous colourful daylight photographs.

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Let’s go backstage to see what all needs to be taken care of if you are throwing such a party:

Plan a fun invite:

Since Holi is a festival of colours, trying playing around with your invites and making them colourful with proper detailings on time and venue. Along with this make it a point to call your guest list for giving each one personal attention and a personal touch to your invite.

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If possible try doing a following up either on message or a call for prior confirmations on who will be attending so that you are updated and well prepared accordingly.

Organise frisky music:

Holi is never fun without those traditional Rang barse, Holi ke din, Holi khele raghuveera, Do me a favour let’s play Holi, Balam pichkari songs playing in the background.

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Create a peppy playlist including songs from all ages to kinds to types, to bring in the variety. Not only this you can also organize a karaoke to your music system for all ‘Good Singers’ in your circle and those unhidden gems.

Organic colours:

With all the awareness around on choosing the right colour for Holi, go for Organic that will not cause any damage to your guest and you too can enjoy the festival without being stressed about any mishap.

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Have your colours spread in a plate around the venue so that your guests have quick access to colours. Also, not to forget plan strictly on if you are willing to organize a dry Holi or Holi with colourful water, as said. Whatever you choose be sure to have it organized well as people do go crazy on festivals like Holi.

You can give an added twist for your guest by arranging a section of flowers to play Holi.


With all the fun and excitement in the venue will ultimately lead to empty stomachs, so need to have good control over it so that everyone stays full.

Organise a good Indian street food along with the main course, because let’s face it, we are Indians at heart and festival for us is Sabji, Puri, Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Paneer and the list is endless.

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Keep serving finger food throughout the party along with festive famous sweets like gujiyas, samosas, namkeens etc., for quick bites.

Have an assortment of drinks:

Okay! Thandai and Bhang it is that naturally comes to each one of us when the festival is Holi. You can have it secretly organised for the people who can handle it or just circulate glasses of normal thandai, cocktails or mocktails in groups.

Obvious dress code:

Yes! Just the way Bollywood stars slay on Holi, the newlyweds can definitely put this as a compulsion for their Holi Party. Since this will clearly let the Holi colours to be showcased on a white attire.

You can also organize some fun games to keep your guests involved throughout the party.

So this season, being a newlywed, organise a newly styled Holi party and stand out in your crowd!

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