How We Grew Up For Real! (Part-3)

“It’s only a matter of a week,
I know I won’t give in this time,”
I kept telling myself, waiting for temperament
To change in its clime.

Until you finally questioned,
“So have you changed your mind now?”
“I… um… I don’t know what to say.
You’re too good for me to vow,”

There’s something you’re always hiding,
Something not true.
“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

“Amaya, trust me I’m glad
We argued and kept it real,
Had it not happened,
I would have been reduced to a job so menial.”

I had never been as happy as I was,
During the one week he had asked for.
Oddly, it was as if the frightened chef just lit up his first fire,
And cooked to his heart’s core.

That day, I knew both of us had finally traversed on the journey of love,
The power to give and forgive.
To let go and accept akin to a monk-an adept,
Had now dawned upon me from above.

If you’d walk up to me and tell me
That arguing often is the beginning of the end of a bond,
I’d know you’re wrong because that day I learnt,
“Disagreement is a boon if you face it and not abscond.”

I knew I’ve grown up for real!



Picture Courtesy: Coolbluez Photography, Delhi

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