Infuse Some Magic In Your Love Life With These Ideas!

Ways to instantly pump up your love life

With the kind of maddening lives we are in, our romantic lives often get neglected. In that case, it becomes imperative to ALWAYS have a plan ready that will allow us some privacy and fun amidst it all.

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That is how the concept of date nights got into existence. Just steal them away for a few hours, dine fancy in a posh restaurant, and get back to the grind.

But what next when candle-light dinners have been done to death? Read on for a few more ideas that will get your heart racing right away.

Write love messages to each other and read aloud:

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This date idea can be performed without much effort. All you have to do is, sit back and think of all the lovely things your partner has done for you, and jot them down.

The topics may vary between the joint experiences you cherish, the high school romance-like things they have done for you, the little gifts they have brought you, or even the favourite restaurants you visit together.

Writing those sitting apart from each other and reading aloud when together can kick-start a giant ride of Love Nostalgia for both of you.

Sharing a massage:

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Massages are known to boost blood circulation and relaxing hormones in the body, but a slight variation can boost one’s Romance life too.

Massages are best-taken care of by expert therapists, but let your partner do that once and watch what wonders it does.

Care is the quickest way to connect. Soak your feet together in warm water, replete with relaxing oils. And take turns at massaging each other’s feet.

It does not just take off all the strain in legs and feet, but also gives a push to love the hormone-secretion pace. Pick the back sometimes, or scalp, or shoulders. Just help them relax.

Cook a meal together:

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What if we told you, preparing your food together is a surefire way to connect better?

Read recipes online if both of you aren’t very adept at cooking. But it will give you both enough and more time with each other, several challenges to overcome, and a chance to relish something you’ve both created together. And while you’re at it, get the sparks flying. *Pun intended*

Hit the gym or basketball court together:

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The big plan is to have an active session without attending the outside world much. While holistic fitness should be on everyone’s list, why not utilise that Me-time as We-time? It will get you both enough time together, grant you the relaxation or satisfaction that come attached to a sport, and also help you hit it off better as comrades rather than mere romantic partners.

To spice it up, attach some conditions like the winner gets to choose the next movie to watch, or a sultry massage back at home. *Wink*

Take a bike ride:

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If you’re anything like us, the cliche idea of ‘long drives on a highway’ bore you. And well, cars are an overdone concept anyway. With the kind of lifestyle we have and the cities we are in, everyone is in a car all day.

What can be changed this time, however, is to opt for a bike instead. It’s an open ride, which means no scope of boredom because you can look around all you want. But even better, the one seated backwards gets to ’tilt’ onto the one in charge, and not look weird. *Grin*

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