It’s One Crazy Party At Kaabia Grewal’s Coolest Wedding Gig!

Co-founder of the popular costume jewellery label, Outhouse, Kaabia Grewal just got married and the woman made sure to turn all heads with the craziest wedding functions!

Kaabia Grewal, a renowned name in the Fashion industry and the Designer and Co-founder of the popular brand ‘Outhouse Jewellery’ just got hitched to Rushang Shah at JW Marriot, Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Their wedding parties have created a buzz all over the online world with hashtag #kabanng2019. Keeping true to the tribal spirit, the much-in-love couple made sure to give all their guests a gala time.

While the Mehendi function was a rather private and eclectic affair, the Mad Mansion Party was full of mirror and light installations and futuristic bars. Even Kaabia’s bachelorette party became the talk of the town because of everything royal, yet chic. Beautiful and unconventional, modern yet old-world, the occasion was filled with fun ideas that were implemented to perfection. The stylish lady took her besties to one of her favourite cities, Bikaner and made sure to give them a fun ride!

They also had a Safari Picnic, where drove away from the hotel by the lake and were welcomed at the Darbari, with Bikaner melodies being played on the Ravanahattha (an instrument that is considered the predecessor of the violin). Thus began an evening of revelry at Narendra Bhawan’s outdoor cocktail bar that continued until midnight. The close pals sat enjoying the glistening moonlight on the lake as conversations and laughter peppered the night.

Their wedding invitation too was nothing less than ‘Wow’, being one hell of an artsy delight. Unconventional yet urban, the card spoke of oomph and caught the attention of almost everyone who had the opportunity to look at it.

The addition of pearls to the invite was to represent her true love for jewellery and her baby, Outhouse, which recently also forayed into bridal jewellery. Each of these beautifully monogrammed, hand-written, and personalised cards were sent to ‘The Royals’ (guests), enclosed in an envelope marked with eclectic stamps.

Bridesmaids / Bridesmen were hashtagged The Royals of #Kabanng. Apart from her sister Sasha Grewal, the gang included makeup artist Savleen Manchanda, the bride’s close girl pals – Neha & Divya, Britanny Uppal – and designers Shivan & Narresh, and Siddharth Mahajan. The theme for the trip was ‘The Royals of #Kabanng’ getaway!

One of the highlights of the wedding functions was the Royal Robe Blind-folded Dinner, with everyone dressed in their pyjamas and sporting Outhouse Jewellery. The blind-folded diners kept guessing what they were eating, which was revealed only at the end of the meal. Cool no?

The D-day was no less than a fun sight to behold as the designer looked fabulous in a Shiv and Naresh outfit and was supported in full enthusiasm by close family and friends. Check out her dreamy wedding by the beach:


We have never witnessed such an out-of-the-world wedding before and are sure that you guys haven’t too. All the best to the insanely in love newlyweds!

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

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