Know What Your Choice Of Colour Says About Your Personality.

Wondering what your preference of colour tells about your personality? Read on: 

As the Holi week comes to an end, let’s talk about it in an entirely different hemisphere called ‘Personality’, Yes, it does sound confusing and irrelevant at the moment but you will know.

So, whosoever we are or wherever we come from, we definitely have that one favourite Gulal colour, that instantly switches on the inbuilt fun button in us. Since these colours come in different variants, we wonder which one might lighten you up- pink, blue, yellow, red, violet, orange or green? Not surprisingly enough, your preference of colour tells a lot about your personality. Read on to find out more:


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If you love splashing pink Gulal on your friends and family, it means you are a sweet and faithful person. And loving a colour of friendship suggests you love making new friends and moreover you like to maintain a compassionate relationship with your each of your friend.


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The colour itself indicates love. So, if this is your favourite Gulal you definitely are a passionate soul. Your defining traits are love, tenacity and determination.


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The colour that symbolizes that you are a happy soul who loves to spread knowledge, fun and happiness which is a blessing for anyone in today’s world.


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If blue is your Holi colour you are a stable and calm soul who is romantic and reliable. You are a sensitive person with utmost sincerity.


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If you love green then you are one intelligent person who is calm and curious, who likes to mind their own business most of the times.


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You have a peaceful and charming personality if you love violet Gulal, which also signifies your approach to solving problems.


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If you like this colour, you are most probably an open-minded, witty person who is always playful and energetic for any kind of fun that comes around.


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Here a is colour which though is not a ‘traditional’ Holi colour but yes people who like it are courageous and naughty at heart. A loyal soul who is a lifelong learner has black Gulal as a favourite.

No matter what your favourite colour is, every colour speaks something about your personality. Share with friends and family to give a good ending to the Holi week.

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