The Centuries-Old-Lie (Part-1)

She was born a phoenix;
Magnificent, strong, fiery and free.
She treaded limitless paths, off on her adventurous spree.
Akin to ripples spread her contagious energy,
She was born for greatness, perhaps someday a tall effigy.

Her fearless mother always taught her to fight, no shedding tears,
On she went conquering her fears and overtime peers.
The renowned grandpa taught her to master all chores,
The forever armed father taught her the use of arrows and oars.

Her courage became her father’s motivation.
Secretly admired by the worst of her enemies,
She was a bright lily of all poppies.
She had everything in her court save, ‘the feeling of love.’

“Love is a mere notion, my dear, the spoilt brats’ play,” told her mother lovingly.
“No! I will not talk to any funny boy, momma will never be let down.” She affirmed proudly.
Giggling away in alleys over letters and teddies, they were unruly girls.
She frowned and looked away preparing for her theatrical twirls.

A decade of bringing them happiness and yet it was not all,
There was something unknown; her forlorn call.
“Perhaps, Momma doesn’t know if it herself,” She thought.
Thus, began the battle the longest she had fought.

She had finally met him, the first in her love line.
She wondered how the paired doves, cranes, mynas towards one another inclined.
Love had gradually begun its search for a pure heart,
A ferocious she-wolf who knew nothing other than her dagger and terrible dart.

Momma had always taught her to be honest,
She couldn’t wait to tell her, she’d found ‘the one’ the finest.
The fearless mother carefully registered her plea,
Momma nodded and suggested that the ultimate judge was ‘he’.


-To be continued.

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