Beautiful Pre- Wedding Shoot Destinations For The Couples

You can always go for a national or an international pre-wedding shoot based upon your budget.

Pre-wedding shoots gives the couples some relaxing and fun time before the hectic marriage. Make a million memories and pose for some wonderful pictures that you will surely see later in life with a smile on your face. Here are some national and international pre-wedding shoot destinations that we think are totally perfect.

French Colonies, Pondicherry:

If you live in the south then its perfect and if not so, book a flight to pondicherry as this is the perfect and the cutest location. The colonial architecture gives your pictures the perfect look. Along with this, you can also explore the beaches and get some clicks there as well.

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Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur:

If you are a couple that loves royalty, this is the perfect destination for you. Its an Indian Heritage Hotel which was earlier a palace. A classy pre-wedding photo-shoot will be the outcome of this destination. It will cost you a lot though. So be ready to spend around 10-11 Lakhs for the royal photo-shoot.

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Taj Mahal, Agra:

This location is known for the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. What better place to capture your precious moments than the place which is known for its love. You can go around the premises or maybe go around the surroundings and capture the Taj Mahal in the background to get the perfect click.

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Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad:

Again a majestic royal location for our kings and queens. Located in Hyderabad, this past palace has now been turned into a beautiful hotel. So, you can enjoy your luxurious stay and get you photo-shoot done at the same time. On the big stairs or the lush green gardens, you can get those perfect  clicks anywhere.

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Goa used to be colonized by the Portuguese in the ancient times. So, there is a lot of architecture, churches and of-course beaches in Goa. If you have a good budget, you can go for The Park Hyatt Resort which is a mind blowing location with all the luxury. It is located on the beach and has the perfect spots for a memorable shoot.

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If you and your partner love adventures and mountains, this is the best destination in India for that. Hop on a bike or take a jeep, enjoy the scary journey and get some good shots for your pre-wedding shoot along the way. Breathtaking views and a lot of monasteries will give you a lot to remember.

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The Perfect Location, Faridabad:

As the name suggests, it is indeed the ‘perfect location’ for pre-wedding shoots. It is located on the Mathura Road near Faridabad. It is a kind of set which has a lot of props and backdrops that help you create the emotion you want to portray in your pictures.

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The Oberoi Rajvillas, Udaipur:

When it comes to the most luxurious hotels in India, this one has totally made the list. If you want that retro royal charm to your photos, this is the perfect location that you can choose for your pre-wedding shoot.

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Now these were some national locations but if you have a very good budget, here are some international destinations that you can choose:


Picture clear lagoons, beaches, coral reefs, palms and islands in your mind. The location that you will think of is definitely Fiji. It is a beautiful place in the south pacific region and is perfect for a pre-wedding shoot.

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It is known as the most romantic place on earth. As soon as you reach Paris, you will feel that love is in the air. You can get shots with the Eiffel Tower and other monuments there and have a fairy-tale shoot.

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This small country is located in Europe. It is a kind of island that is surrounded by clear green water and breathtaking alps. Its architecture is also very famous and even the streets of Croatia are good for a picture perfect moment.

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Santorini, Greece:

The buildings are coloured in white with blue tops. The beaches are black as it was once a site of volcanic eruption. Its so mesmerizing to the eye that whoever visits it will definitely fall in love with it. Hop on a plane and reach Santorini and nail that pre-wedding shoot of yours!

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So these were our picks for the best pre-wedding shoot destinations. We hope you like them.








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