Be Your Friends’ Best Santa This Christmas!

Dear You, Here’s What Your Newlyweds Would Love To Have As Gifts

The most-awaited festivities of the year are here and we just can’t keep calm. There is no better way to express your love and gratefulness to your family and friends than gifting them something unique and personal. It indicates how much you care for them and make them feel special.

Fidgeting about finding a perfect gift for the newlywed couple? We’ve got 99 problems but finding a gift ain’t one! Here’s a guide of fresh ideas and galore options for you to think about.

A Watch Set

Nothing portrays luxury better than a good watch. A watch set is a perfect gift, regardless of any preferences. Everyone loves a watch and there are numerous options available in the market for every sort of couple. Want better? Smart watches are the IT thing this the season. Just saying.

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Travel Kits

If they have had a winter wedding and their honeymoon is scheduled around this holiday season, travel kits and warm goodies would make good gifts for the duo. After all, who wouldn’t love handy grooming products for their trip?

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Personalized Champagne Flutes

Personalized mugs or pillows are just too cliché. Be the friend in need and help the couple possess a beautiful pair of champagne glasses. Pop open that expensive bottle you’ve been waiting to gulp down the entire year because what will be a better occasion than New Year’s Eve to celebrate?

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Monthly/Yearly Fitness Subscription

We all know couples who are fitness freaks and would hit the gym day and night to look in shape all the time. We all are used to making New Year resolutions of working out so why not be an actual friend in deed and help our friends in need with gym and fitness memberships?

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Modern Appliances and Gadgets

Pillows, flowers and mugs are passé. Surprise your buddies with cool gadgets and appliances like Google Chromecast, Air Fryer, Bluetooth Speakers, Air Purifiers, Alexa or Amazon Echo to help them make their new house a smart home.

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Customized Chocolates and Cakes

With Christmas around the corner, who would not like to hop on some delicious chocolates and brownies? Browse a good bakery or shop in your area and get them some lovely customized eateries because anyway, it’s always a win-win situation! You can even get a personal message written on them to portray your love for the newly-wedded pair.

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With Christmas and New Year almost a week away, let your friends know what they mean to you by putting in extra efforts to choose an unconventional gift that would lighten their mood in an instant. Ho Ho Ho!


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