“Love Will Keep Us Together”: Ayesha, Ayush & Their Story

All you need to know about Ayesha Amin Nigam’s love story with soon-to-be husband Ayush Goha.

Chief fashion stylist at Harper Bazaar, Ayesha Amin Nigam is soon going to get hitched to her long-time beau Ayush Guha and their wedding is the talk of the B-town these days. The pictures look lovely and we can’t get enough of them!

Ayesha at her bachelorette party.

The much-in-love couple.

The lovebirds first met at India Today’s office and worked together in the lifestyle division. She joined as a stylist at Harper’s Bazaar Bride and he was already working there in the marketing department for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Health.

Ayesha saw him on the first day itself in the canteen and was quite intrigued, to say the least. They both were very fortunate to have met the way they did and also to have forged very deep friendship at the workplace, according to the couple. Thus, the whole thing was a bit school-like as they were always surrounded by friends and would constantly do things together- Be it work or play or anything else.

They both were very fortunate to have met the way they did and also to have forged a very deep friendship at the workplace.     


During their pre-wedding festivities.

The best thing about the couple is that they both absolutely love to travel, be it traveling by trains, flights, ferries and what not! Two places that are closest to their hearts are Florence and Italy where they go atleast once every year.   

The beautiful bride-to-be: Ayesha

The wedding is going to be swinging between a major rage and chill vibes (They hope!)
Like all things adventurous, it’s going to be a hectic12-days affair over 3 cities and the lovebirds are bracing for it. As per the sources, they are planning many offbeat and special ceremonies and creating their own traditions and mixing things up! The highlight will be surely be the participation of many known faces from the industry.

Good times with near ones.

Ayush and Ayesha have done everything on their own with, of course, heaps of help from their friends. One of their friends, Anupriya, has designed all the cards and creatives and Nirja, Ayesha’s best friend and maid of honour, is responsible for coordination among all the parties. Another friend has choreographed the songs and one is mixing the playlist. Doesn’t it make it all the more special?

 Travellers for life: Ayush and Ayesha.

According to her friends, Ayesha didn’t want to be the ‘Last Minute Bride’ but she has become one unfortunately. However, she will definitely be the ‘Fun and Eye for Detail’ bride for sure. And why not? The woman doesn’t want to be a grumpy bride though!

Can’t get enough of each other. 

We are eagerly waiting about how their wedding tale turns out to be and we are pretty sure that you guys too are, so stay tuned for more fun updates!

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