My First Year As Your Wife (Part-2)

   “A Year Already”

Enough was said and heard,
All that remains
Is one universal saying,
“Love will never feel wrong, it’s the shepherd of your herd.”

I feared losing my essence,
Ended up doubling my confidence.
Romanticising in the breezy November the light of the Diyas,
Diffused in the air and with it my diffidence.

Dancing about in the rain for the first time ever,
I had tasted ‘Manna’,
Twirling about in the snow I had found my peace-
A bird of paradise in the savannah.

All my life I have lived for others
And dreaded doing the same.
Today I know how it feels when others live for you-
The heart can hardly be tamed.

Quarrelling over a much-needed cup of coffee,
Ending up at a food hotspot.
From learning how to ride a bike,
To beat you with my accidental balling shot.

Your supposed to be green healthy drink and my forever hot coffee.
My year’s almost at an end
I have yet to realise that I’m no more a sinister,
That, married life is simple and
Anything said otherwise is merely a twister.

It was only a month ago that I was clicking with the golden fairy lights,
It’s time to light the new ones.
To be done with the cold smoothies and
Get on with the buttered breads and hot buns.

A bitter truth or a sweet reality? What was this year to me?
Hand in hand with you as I sit by the sea,
I know I’ve had better than the best
A sacred bond is much more than what your eyes can see.

-To be continued.

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