My Arranged Love (Part-2)

The first few months knew no end,
I was a favourite aunt, sister-in-law, with the world easy to blend.
He was enjoying all my friend’s attention,
No worries, ideal family time and weekend’s extension.

Days of my newly married life soon bid me adieu,
Back to work, with him and perhaps a seed, who knew?
Days became longer and I grew bigger with love and life anew,
“I will always be by your side.” He kissed my forehead bringing in the morning dew.

Though ‘the tiny me’ resisted work and crumpled with pressure,
I knew it would make it with love so deep beyond worldly measure.
I was losing my body and mind to enliven the ‘tiny me’,
While love was in plenty, I became weaker longing to be free.

While ‘the tiny me’ was only a month away from meeting the ‘Baabas’ and ‘Babus’,
My ‘NRI arranged love’ was still looking for work while I fought the social taboos.
She was here, ‘the tiny me’ with the likes of her father,
Stay here and suffocate her pink skin? I’d cross the oceans to promise her a real life rather.

A self-sufficient woman suddenly falling prey to the deep dark truth of the household,
I was medically declared unfit and worse mentally by tenfold.
‘The tiny me’ was given to my mother the ‘elder me’,
While I struggled to gather my senses and pleaded to be seen beyond the unholy ‘V’.

-To be continued


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