Are Pastel colours the new Red? Celebrities think so.

Fairytale weddings – this phrase or these words will never be an understatement or a cliche, while it may sound like to some, for two people who cannot wait to share their epic journey of love, in the form of a wedding riot, with their closest (and also the not so close) family, relatives and friends. With the advancement of thought and thinking process of the generation, these so-called fairytale weddings of today are not necessarily expensive but smartly planned. It is the actualisation of the Pinterest boards that have been, are being craftily and meticulously fashioned.

Amrita Puri on her wedding day. 
Image Courtesy: Amrita Puri (Instagram Handle)

Gautam & Mansha’s Delhi Wedding. 
Image Courtesy:  (Wed Me Good)

No one agrees or realize but this takes time while the internet and platforms like Pinterest is full of never-before-seen and tried ideas, style, WA is here to give you tips and tricks that you can now have up your sleeves for the wedding that you have always dreamed of.While we are always so busy oozing and drooling at celebrity weddings their outfits and that of their guests; we never think that we can even dream of having a wedding remotely similar to theirs. That is not true. After having intense discussions with some of Wedding Asia’s finest wedding planners, designers, make-up artists & stylists, we came to the conclusion that there are just too many bright ideas that we can borrow from celebrity and other high-profile marriages.

Decor: Do not be afraid to go soft on colour-scheme

One thing that we have for sure learned from weddings of Virushka & Sonam Kapoor’s with Anand Ahuja and recently from that of Diipa Khosla is that can pastels look amazingly quaint and festive at the same time; what will be necessary to do smartly will be the curation and usage of it. Pastels usually include colours like pink, mauve, baby blue, mint, periwinkle, and lavender.

Virushka wedding.  Amazing decor by Devika Narain of Devika Narain and Company
Image Courtesy: Filmfare

Dream of a pastel wedding  decor
Image Courtesy: TBZ Jewellers

Most of the major high profile weddings have gone easy on their decor in terms of colours but heavy on decoration using the soft scheme including lavender, baby pink etc. This idea also allows your outfit to stand out and usually gives a good clash, even if you or the wedding party ends up wearing the usual wedding colours- red and all shades of green.

No harm in going pastel for your outfits too

Yes, you heard that right. It is not necessary to do your look with shades of red, green, navy blue etc. If you go for a peach or a mint lehenga or saree, it allows you to go extra on other aspects such as jewellery, motifs, make-up and even hairstyle. A peach will still make you stand out of the crowd and define you as the lady or man of the hour. Most guests go for generic bright colours and you will not have to worry about wearing a similar colour to anyone.

Couple of the hour. Echoing pastel- DIIPA Buller with her, then beau and now Husband.
Image Courtesy: Diipa Buller (Instagram)

On her wedding day, actress Anushka Sharma boldly wore a peach & baby pink lehenga for the d-day and less than bare minimum make up. She looked stunning and who would not agree. Less is more and as a bride or groom do keep faith in that.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma on their wedding day. Both in Sabyasachi
Image Courtesy: Lady India

Sonam kapoor, too, for most of her wedding functions donned extremely light and elegant colours. This made the karigari on her dresses stand out, which usually gets lost in bright colours.

Sonam Kapoor in AbujaniSandeepkhosla
Image Courtesy: Anaita Shroff Adajania 

Not every bride and/or groom has to follow the trend of wearing traditional Hindu bright colours to look their best. If you feel more confident, happy, calm in sober colours, then go for it. Trust your gut when it comes to finalizing your outfits. These major weddings have carved a path and shown you how it is done when it comes to wearing out of the box colours.

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