11 Must-Have Trousseau Essentials

Confused what all to pack for your trousseau? Well we have the essentials ready for you!

We all are familiar with the fact that ‘trousseau’ is a French word meaning the various items collected by a bride for her life after the wedding. It is all the stuff she packs to start her journey as a wife. Let us help you with all the packing.

Indian Wear:

Go for light elegant suits, lehngas and whatever you would love to wear on a regular basis. Keep some of your best formal Indian outfits too!

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Indo-Western Wear:

Quit those traditional heavy saris and lehngas. Add a western touch to it. It will be much more comfortable to wear. Plus it is traditional and trending both at the same time. These can be used both as casual wear and formal wear.

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Western Wear:

This is the most essential part of your trousseau. Pack whatever you love to wear on a regular basis and during parties. You can pack jumpsuits, jeans, t-shirts, shirts, tops, shorts, long dresses, short dresses and whatever you enjoy wearing the most.

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Night Wear:

Why leave your most comfortable piece of clothing back? Pack it along in your trousseau for a good sleep at your new house. It depends whether you like to wear a t-shirt and shorts or a nigh gown or t-shirt and pajamas. Whatever you prefer, pack some sets of it in your trousseau.

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Of course they are important! What else are you going to walk in? Now we suggest packing all types of footwear. Some pair of heels, some flats, some sneakers, some sports shoes and some bathroom slippers. What we simply mean is pack something for casual as well as formal wear.

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The jewellery that we are talking about here is artificial or silver based jewellery that you can wear on a daily basis. It can be matched with your outfits or all-rounder jewellery set that goes with almost anything and everything! Obviously you can’t wear the heavy gold or diamond jewellery on daily basis girls.

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Bags and Clutches:

It is very necessary as you are going to carry your personal essentials in it. You must carry some handbags, sling bags and a small backpack even if you like carrying your stuff in it. For formal occasion, keep some clutches that can be paired with your outfits as clutches have a formal look to them.

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Skin-Care Essentials:

Take along whatever you treat your skin with. It includes face-masks, creams, face oils, scrubs and all that you feel is important to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. You can choose your skin care products from multiple brands and prepare a routine.

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Bathing Essentials:

Take your favourite shower gel or soap along. Don’t forget your body scrub girls! Also, take your hair care products with you that you prefer the most and use regularly.

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Makeup Products and Vanity Kits:

Everyone has their own preferred products. So make sure to pack all of it along. It can be your foundation, primer, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, eye-liner, kajal, lipstick, lip liners, eyebrow pencils, lip pencils and what not! And girls arrange all of your makeup products in a pouch, a vanity kit or a vanity box. Keep them organized.

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Pack 2-3 pair of fancy lingerie for sure. Along with them pack some comfortable ones and the ones you prefer wearing in a gym. You can add stick on bras that are very popular these days.

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This is all that we have as a small piece of advice for your trousseau packing. Hope you like it!


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